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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Pearl Collaborative Review

Hello 6th graders,

As a way to collaborate and review for The Pearl, each group has been assigned one of the following topics: light and dark images, symbols, roles of men and women, good vs. evil, songs, and animal imagery. Students within the group will each take one chapter of The Pearl and find all the references to their group's topic in that chapter. (If your group has less than six people, have one student work on chapters 4+5). You will need to jot down your findings. When everyone is done with the research, you will need to collaborate using the wiki to discuss your findings. Based on your research, you will need to draw some conclusions about the topic. When you present your findings, Each student will give his/her findings, and one group member will give the group's conclusions.

Below are the assigned topics for each group. You will need to sign in with your user name and password in order to begin collaborating.

You can click here or under 6th lit/Eng links to get to the wiki.

1. Light and Dark Images

2. Symbols

3. Roles of Men and Women

4. Good v.s. Evil

5. Songs

6. Animal Imagery