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Monday, December 5, 2011

Catal Hoyuk

Today we learned about Catal Hoyuk. Catal Hoyuk was one of the very first towns that developed from an agricultural community.

We began by watching a video which gave us a basic idea of how the people of Catal Hoyuk probably lived on a daily basis. We took notes on this video and were able to analyze these notes with an online interactive game. The website has a variety of activities where you can see how it was like to live in a Neolithic town. For example, there was this game called “Make a Neolithic Dinner.” I made lentil stew with wild greens. To play this game you had to click and drag the food items on the list. When you click and drag the proper items a short description of the food will pull up. As you read the descriptions, you will find out the ingredients of the food and why it was used. In my personal experience, I would say the tour was the best activity to help you learn about the life of Catal Hoyuk. On the tour we were able to examine the dig site and the archaeological records. We were able to find out how people were able to dig up Catal Hoyuk. The last activity I participated in was the artifacts activity.

I was highly interested in the Catal Huyuk, and I wanted to see what types of artifacts and information that they have found in the city. There were many categories that you can look at for artifacts. There were murals, pottery, human remains, obsidian, animal bones, figurines, chipped stone tools, worked bone, and ground stone tools.
The class discussion and the online activities allowed us to understand how the people of Catalhoyuk lived. Also, you could picture how long and hard the work was when some of the archaeologists had to dig up the whole entire city.

What I have learned about the people of Catal Hoyuk is that they were an agricultural town that did not need to rely on hunting and gathering. In conclusion I have to say that I loved all the information about Catal Hoyuk,. Thank you for reading I hoped you enjoyed it.

-By Sarah