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Monday, February 9, 2009

Internal Conflict

In the 35 years following the Constitution, political parties threatened to split the nation, the American territory expanded to the Pacific Ocean, and European affairs pushed the nation into war. By meeting these challenges, America proved itself to be a strong, independent nation. In the following lesson, the new country tests its new powers.

Product: Political cartoon
Purpose: To take the role of a Republican or Federalist and draw a political cartoon expressing either your point of view or making fun of your opponent's point of view.

(front page) Draw a political cartoon.
Cartoon must demonstrate a point of view or make fun of the opponent’s point of view

-(Back page)Summarize the issue being portrayed in your political cartoon.

o Summary must include
The issue you’re addressing
- What was the Federalist point of view of the chosen issue
- What was the Republican point of view of the chosen issue
- Explain how the issue is being made fun of.