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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veteran’s Day

Hello everyone,
Here is a speech I saved from a former SJS student.

Everyone needs a hero to look up to. Whether it’s Spider Man webbing his way across town, Super Man flying in the skies above us, or an ordinary individual who is caring, bold, and brave, we depend on them in times of need.

Veterans have done a lot in order to be named our heroes. They served our country through the sacrifice of joining a branch of the armed forces, which can become rough, frightening, and in worse cases, life threatening. They are loyal to our country, through the good and bad times. Regardless of the situation, they have the strength in them to make it through, and carry on. We would not be here today, honoring our veterans with pride if they had just given up. They have done so much for us, especially here in America, where we once fought long and hard years for our freedom and independence. Must we still honor our veterans from so long ago? The answer is yes, because their sacrifice, hard work, and dedication will ultimately have a lasting affect on our society. Not all people are as courageous and humble as our veterans.

Because of veterans, we are proud to call our country’s name “Home of the Brave”. Veterans truly do have bravery, or else they would not have been known as our heroes. But being a hero has nothing to do with just flying across the skies or defeating a country. To find a hero, you must look deep into the heart of someone and find goodness. You must look deep into the heart of a veteran or current members of the armed forces, and find not only goodness, but love, care, courage, loyalty, perseverance, and friendship. Many things in our world display different figures that we look up to as our hero, We must always remember that when most of these displays are false, distorted, and just not right. To look for a true hero, we can turn and look to our veterans.

We must not always dwell on fantasy. When we need a true friend to be there, someone loyal to our land, and a hero that truly saves your day, we can certainly always look to the work of our veterans and to those who are currently serving our forces.