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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Answers to Maya, Aztec, Inca review for test Monday.

pg 418
Key terms
B- #5 : Translating a book of Mayan picture writings requires patience and perseverance.

#6 - Calendars, astronomical observations, and number system were recorded in Maya codices.
#7 - Evidence of advanced farming methods were found. Evidence of trade and scientific and farming activities indicated that they had a surplus of food.

pg 119 #3 - Mayan civilization: Maya Central America, ancient civilizations, Mayan cities.

pg 446
2- In the vertical economy, farmers grew grain at low altitudes while herders raised llamas at higher altitudes.
3 - Aztec nobility did not pay tribute to anyone.
4- Aztec farmers could use canals to travel from chinampa to chinampa.
5 - Serfs and slaves worked in a calpulli.
7 - The Aztec formed an alliance with other tribes.
8 - The Inca used terrace farming to farm at high altitudes.

exploring concepts part B

1 - The Aztec grew crops in floating gardens called chinampas, which were surrounded by water. The Inca grew crops according to the height of the land.
2 - Some Aztec history was recorded in codices and can be decoded. Inca history was passed down through oral tradition.
3 - Inca empire covered parts of Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chili, and Argentina. The Aztec empire was limited to Mexico and Guatemala.
4 - The Incas offered enemies a chance to join the empire before they were conquered. The Aztec just conquered.
5 -The Inca held local religious idols and princes hostage, made them soldiers, rewarded soldiers, made Inca religion and language a requirement.
6 - The nobility did not work, but ruled commoners who labored and farmed.
7 - The Aztec sacrificed thousands, mostly captives of war. The Incas sacrificed humans only in times of extreme crisis.
8 - Aztec empire social classes: nobles, commoners, serfs, and slaves. The Inca had two main social classes: nobility and commoners.
9 - The Inca prayed to their ancestors. They believed dead rulers and nobility helped decide the fate of their empire.