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Thursday, September 11, 2008

7th grade 9/11 letter to a teenager

Hello 7th grade,
Here is the code for the video we watched in class today. Use the video to help you write your letter 50 years from now.

Copy and paste this code into the student center page: T7897-5A93

Click here to direct you to the student center page.

Due: Monday

Objective: To understand the importance of the feeling of unity and events that

Took place on 9/11

Product: letter to a teenager 50 years from now.

Procedure: Write a letter describing the events of September 11 to a teenager

fifty years from now (2057). The letter should describe:

-Your personal reaction to the events:

-where you were on September 11, 2001

-how you heard about the attacks

-how you felt after it happened

-Your compassion/demonstration of heroism for the victims

-you may use information from the video for this section.

-Your hope for the future

-what you hope the long term response will be from

  • Americans
  • International leaders